Ian Bates


I joined Brian Bass Travel in 1986 as the Senior Travel Consultant. When he first opened there was Brian, myself and a Junior member of staff. To see the business grow from newly opened to being one of the most established Travel Agents in Shrewsbury has been a great experience.

We have a very good team and we all get on well together, even through the hard times such as the COVID pandemic. We all have a very positive attitude to the business which reflects to our customers.

Countries visited:

Australia, Japan, Malaysia, USA, Canada, Europe, Caribbean, South Africa, Mexico and Belize.

Favourite destination:

Myself and my wife love holidaying in Italy with Venice being our favourite, such a beautiful city.

For our family holidays the excitement of Florida has fantastic memories.

Australia has given me some unique experiences and I valued my trips there.

Ian, Worldchoice Travel Shrewsbury
Last trip:

This was to Malaysia where we visited Kuala Lumpur and flew to Penang to stay at one of the Shangri-La properties which was very luxurious.

Where next?

We are planning to visit New England in the Fall. We had an itinerary worked out prior to the pandemic which includes a self drive trip

Travel tip:

Research, check out the destinations you are planning to go to before hand and always book with a reputable operator.

To travel is the best experience ever, whatever your age.