Lynn Wright


I started working voluntarily at Worldchoice Travel, Shrewsbury in May 2021, helping out during the pandemic after taking severance from my previous job of 35 years. I officially joined the team on 1st October 2021, after having grown to know them over the last 30 years.

Favourite Destination

It’s very difficult to choose, but probably America, there is so much to do whether you want action packaged – such as theme parks/waterparks or just a quiet corner such as Anna Maria Island, on the Florida coast which has amazing sunsets, is peaceful and unspoilt #myhappyplace

Most Memorable Destination 

There are a couple number 1 is the Ice Hotel, in Sweden. I had always wanted to go to see the Northern lights (not guaranteed though) we took in a husky ride into the middle of the woods where we stopped in a small wigwam shaped cabin and the guide made us reindeer stew (never thought I would say it – but it tasted amazing).
Number 2 is probably Venice, There is plenty of walking so wear something comfortable on your feet. There are lots of passages, steps and water! I was treated to a gondola ride (well you have to) it was busy, everyone wanting to be at the same place at the same time, taking photos, being inspired by the architecture, eating in the small deli’s and restaurants, buying fresh fruit and trinkets from the market sellers. Some of the back streets/passages are quieter, and you never know where you will find a little shop or eatery. I took a ferry across to Burano for the day (it was pouring with rain) but lovely to see the coloured buildings and a place with less hustle and bustle.

Must-See Destination

I think it would have to be the Grand Canyon. I flew over in a helicopter, the first time I had done anything like this, especially as I’m not a confident flyer. With magnificent aerial views, it was breath-taking, the colours and the sheer vastness of the place.

Love to Visit

Alaska… Why Alaska, well there is an amazing amount of wildlife, eagles, whales, Orcas, you can see colourful landscapes (especially in the Autumn) and you have the possibility of seeing the Northern Lights and can go snowmobiling.

Places Visited

I have been very lucky that being married to someone in the travel business, I have been able to travel quite a bit, taking in England, Ireland (Dublin), Scotland and most of Wales. Europe – Majorca, Malta, Spain, Crete, Zakynthos, Paris, (including Disneyland Paris), Amsterdam, Monaco, Norway, Sweden & Venice. I have also been to Dubai where I have family living, and have been to Egypt, where I got engaged. I have also been to many places in the USA including New York, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Florida – Sarasota & Clearwater. I do like cruising and I have managed to cruise the Caribbean – St. Maarten, St. Kitts, Roatan, Belize, the Mediterranean and also the Norwegian Fjords.

Top Travel Tip

Be prepared! Just like the Guides. Know where you are going – by looking through brochures/internet and asking the people around you – such as your travel agent booking your trip/holiday, make a list of the places you wish to visit and find out their opening times etc before you arrive. It will save a lot of time once you are there.